Our achievements should not only build a foundation for our staff to be prosperous, but for our clients to look no further for exemplary service. Ultimately, we look forward to leaving a distinct division so wide between us and our competition, that we become icons in our industry.



We are specialized and trained in sales and marketing. We allow the clients who outsource us to focus on what they do best. Our team takes care of their customers as if they were our own.


Management Training

We train each and every person on our staff in sales and marketing with a basic system. They start entry level to quickly move into management training to learn principles to make them a great leader. We only promote from within, so it’s important that our training is effective to open more offices with confident managers, who can drive results.



Founded in Portland, OR in July of 2012, Iconic Solutions, Inc provides outsourcing here in the United States. We meet with clients face to face putting a face with a name for anyone of the fortune 500 companies we represent.

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